The Listmakers Episode Thirty-Two: Top 10 Things About 2015!

Thank god that’s over, am I right?


Now that humanity has gotten its act together and told 2015 that it can’t crash on our collective couch any more, we’ve been greeted with a brighter, shinier and much more appealing 2016! But before you get all caught up in 2016’s shiny new features and forget the disgusting slob that was last year, The Listmakers will dredge the lake of time for the best moments of 2015. Climb into the boat with us, won’t you? (There’s a lot of stuff buried in that sludge, and we need all the help we can get.)

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Show Notes (Here there be spoilers!):

  • The adorable and up until recently, elusive, desert tawny owl! (Listmaker Kim)
  • The comic book that I couldn’t remember is Fatale, a Lovecraft-inspired horror book. (Listmaker Devin)
  • To get a hold of our good friends over at “Variant Edition” you can go to their website, their Tumblr, their Twitter, their Facebook page, or even their actual store! (Suite 102 – 10441 123rd Street NW, Edmonton AB),
  • Listmaker Kim would like to direct you to Listmaker Devin’s post about depression.
  • If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or needs someone to talk to, there’s always options available to you.
  • Justin Trudeau’s “Because it’s 2015” retort and the Globe & Mail’s summary of the cabinet of Canada.
  • Here’s the an article talking more in-depth on the four new elements added to the periodic table.
  • Visit the Extra Life website for more information or to learn how to support a children’s hospital in your area. 
  • For all of our Irish listeners, I personally apologize for Listmaker Devin calling your country a “throw-away.” (Listmaker Kim)
  • For all our Irish listeners, I trust you to know that I loved your country once I spent time there and resent Listmaker Kim’s flagrant attempts at currying favour with our Hibernian friends! (Listmaker Devin)

The Listmakers Episode Thirty-One: Top 5 Sodas


This is John Pemberton and his magnificent beard. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense once you listen to the episode.

Normally we’d make some rambling nonsensical intro about the topic of the show, but honestly, this episode is random and rambling enough on it’s own, and we don’t want to have to put you through more non-sequiturs. (There are a lot of them in this episode.) But we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that this is a Very Special Episode. Why, you might (and should) ask? Because it features special guest and soda pop connoisseur Gavin Hoenmans, who is a swell fellow and The Listmakers’ first ever superfan. He’s got the certificate to prove it. So, without any further ado, we proudly present The Listmakers Top 5 Sodas!

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Show Notes (here there be spoilers!):

  • Coca-Cola was originally invented in Columbus Georgia as a prototype, but was perfected and then sold in Atlanta Georgia in 1886.
  • This is the horrible Barq’s ad campaign that Listmaker Devin references.
  • You can “Dealcoholize” something by either reverse osmosis or vacuum Distillation


  • A slightly more dolled up can of Brio. (Listmaker Kim.)


  • I also found a picture of Vault. (Listmaker Kim.)
  • For reference, the spelling for IRN BRU once again is I.R.N B.R.U, Although that second spelling is probably unnecessary now that I look at what I wrote. (Listmaker Kim.)
  • IRN BRU’s website is, naturally,
  • Here’s the IRN BRU snowman ad.
  • The Tropical 7up that Gavin mentioned was a limited time release in the summer of 2014.

The Listmakers Episode Thirty: Top 5 Fictional Robots


The Omnibots are not fictional, but they were amazing. (Listmaker Devin’s was the second from the left.)

In the distant future where humans have been subjugated by their cruel robot overlords, there stand only two men that can bring hope to the resistance. Those men are …THE LISTMAKERS! Thankfully for you, gentle listener, that’s all going to take place over seven years from now, so until that fateful day, why not join The Listmakers as they talk about their favourite fictional robots. Little do the robots know that this is how The Listmakers are learning all of their weaknesses…

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Show Notes (Here there be spoilers!):

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The Listmakers Episode Twenty-Nine: Top 4 Local Restaurants!

I think more buildings should be labeled like this.

I think more buildings should be labeled like this. “GARAGE,” “FACTORY,” “SCHOOL,” “YARN STORE,” et cetera.

Are you a time displaced traveller visiting both Edmonton and Victoria at the same time? Are you desperately looking for somewhere to eat? Are both versions of you reading this and listening to the Listmakers Podcast at the same time? You know, it would probably be more efficient for each one of you to take a task and do them individually. For instance, if the Victoria version of you listened to the podcast while the Edmonton version read this and responded in the comments, you’d be able to better focus on the task at hand…but that’s beside the point! If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in either of those locations you have come to the right website/podcast because The Listmakers are going to tell you about their Favourite Local Restaurants! Join us, won’t you?!?

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Show Notes (Here there be spoilers!):
Tacofino has since opened a permanent location in victoria as well as the truck! (Listmaker Kim)
I said that Tacofino wasn’t from Tofino, but they do have a truck there, so it could be that they originated there, also check them out in Vancouver as well! (Listmaker Kim)
They unfortunately don’t have a website of their own, but please enjoy all of the overwhelmingly positive reviews when you google them! (Listmaker Kim)
New York Bagel Cafe also is lacking a website, but there’s a few review sites to back up Listmaker Devin’s opinion. (Listmaker Kim)
Sadly, the “Angry Bird” is no longer on the menu, but if you ask them really nicely, they might still make it for you. (Listmaker Kim)

The Listmakers Episode Twenty-Eight: Top 5 Animals!

When you Google "Best Animal Ever," this is one of the first five images to come up. Not on our list, sadly.

When you Google “Best Animal Ever,” this is one of the first five images to come up. Not on our list, sadly.

They’re cute, fuzzy, scaly, feathery and filled with meat. That’s right, we’re talking about animals! We here at The Listmakers enjoy learning about animals almost as much as we love eating them, so why not make a list of our Top 3 Favourite Animals? The only reason I can think not to do a Top 3 list is the fact that 5 is a bigger number. So join your intrepid Listmakers as they travel the world waxing rhapsodically about reptiles, bringing up birds, mentioning mammals, acknowledging amphibians, and never, ever forgetting about fish.

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Show Notes (Here there be spoilers!):

The Listmakers Episode Twenty-Seven: Top 10 Things About 2014!

"Hey Devin, do you think you could find a weird picture that would represent 2014 and also, I dunno, include the bottom half of a Scotsman?" "Yes, Devin, I think I could."

“Hey Devin, do you think you could find a weird picture that would represent 2014 and also, I dunno, include the bottom half of a Scotsman?”
“Yes, Devin, I think I could.”

Hey young ‘uns,

Gather ’round so I can lay some knowledge on ya! It’s a well documented fact that as you age time starts to move faster. While the youth of today can enjoy long lazy summer days that seem to last for months on end, we old folks will blink and miss out on entire weeks at a time. (Frankly, I’m afraid to close my eyes at all anymore). So to combat this time paradox from stealing all our life juices and brain memories, we must travel back in time periodically and relive moments of yesteryear by way of reminiscence. So join The Listmakers as they slowly rock back and forth on their porch swing speaking about their 10 favourite things from the good ol’ days of 2014.

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Show Notes (Here there be spoilers!):

  • Here is a link to the black seadevil video. (Listmaker Kim)
  • I couldn’t find the exact article I had read about the measles virus curing cancer, but here is another site reporting on the same research and case study. (Listmaker Kim)
  • Here is a link to The ActionSofa!
  • Listmaker Devin made a Spotify playlist featuring music from his favourite releases of 2014. You can check it out here! (Listmaker Devin, obviously)
  • This episode, and every episode before or hence, brought to you by THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!

The Listmakers Episode Twenty-Six: Top 6 People To Invite To A Dinner Party!

The Listmakers promise never to serve chilled monkey's brains at any of their dinner parties. Unless it is requested, of course.

The Listmakers promise never to serve monkey’s brains at any of their dinner parties. (Unless requested, of course.)

If you had one opportunity ot bring six people together for an evening of conversation and possible debauchery, who would you invite? And why would you invite those particular people? The Listmakers asked themselves this question, because they’re completely full of themselves and have entirely too much time on their hands. Then they recorded their answers because you like to feed their delusions of grandeur and listen to them speak, because maybe you have too much time on your hands too. So buckle up and get ready for an hour and five minutes of complete balderdash and absurdity that’s almost entirely your fault!

(Immediately after sending these show notes to Listmaker Devin, Listmaker Kim collapsed in a fit of pique.)

Download Episode Twenty-Six Here!

Show Notes (Here There Be Spoilers!):

  • Here is Peter Cullen’s Nasa Commercial in all its glory.
  • Hi everyone, Listmaker Kim here, I just wanted to apologize for a grave error I made during the podcast. At the 24 minute mark, I refer to “Avengers Assemble” as “Justice League Assembled”. I was originally going to make up some lame excuse about how a prodigious intellect such as mine (especially in regards to comics and TV) could make such an error (I’m on a new medication, I was up late the night before, it was a clever impersonation done by Listmaker Devin to ruin my reputation thus becoming your new favourite Listmaker, etc) However I just can’t do that to you, so I hope you accept my apology and I promise never to make another mistake ever agian.
  • Because Listmaker Devin asked what Maurice LaMarche sounds like as Doctor Doom (jump to 1:24).
  • And now, a young Lauren Bacall. (“You’re welcome everyone!” – Listmaker Kim.)


  • (“Thank you, Listmaker Kim.” – Listmaker Devin.)